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Cash Back £250.00

To take part in our cash back project, make sure you let us know who you recommended us to. Fill in the form below with your details so we can make sure you both get your ‘cash back thank you’ once they have chosen to treat themselves to a beautiful new bed from us.


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Why are we doing this?

Because of  word of mouth, so many of our beds have found homes amongst customers family members and their friends. We wanted to find a way to say a Big Thank You and to reward you for your ongoing recommendations (One of our customers has eleven beds between family members).

How does it work?

From now, if you buy one of our beds (or if you have bought one in the past), and recommend us to someone you know, if they decide to buy a bed from us we will give you and your friend £250.00 cash back to share (we will send £125 cash to each of you).

You can make as many recommendations as you like and each time a new friend or family member buys one of our beautiful iron beds, we will give you another £250.00 cash back to share.

How can you spread the word?

Show your friends and family how amazing your bed looks in your room, just the way you like it.

Share your own photos of your bed (or images from our website) on your social media channels, with a link to the Nights In Iron website.

Email an image or review of your bed to people you know, telling them about our great Friends And Family Cash Back Reward.

*This offer excludes single beds and beds from our clearance page.