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Having established a long and close relationship with our British mattress maker over the years, we have learnt that the best mattress has an excellent spring unit at its heart, which is fundamental to its comfort and durability. All our chosen mattresses have pocket sprung units offering independent springing and support to each and every part of your body.

25 years of experience and customer feedback has shown us that with these carefully selected combinations of springs and luxurious upholstery fillings, we have achieved a truly great mattress selection in terms of comfort and value. All are made as a medium firm feel (but not too hard). Made and delivered in 3 – 4 weeks.

                          One of our teams’ Top Tip For Comfort

                                1400 Cashmere ~ Perfect Choice, Perfect Sleep                                                      Please Do Not Disturb!

Mattress Nights 1400 Wool – Our Best Seller, this is the mattress we include in our Combi Offer. Very comfortable and great value. 1400 nested springs. 3 layers of fillings including top layer luxurious cashmere. Hand Tufted and (2 rows) hand side stitched boarder for support edge to edge. Choose Options
Mattress Nights 1400 Cashmere – Extremely comfortable and luxurious feel. 1400 nested springs. 4 layers, all natural fillings. Includes cashmere, wool and silk. Hand tufted and (3 rows) hand side stitched border. Still firm and supportive but a slightly more sumptuous feel than the Wool Luxury 1400 because of the extra layer of cashmere filling. Choose Options
Mattress Nights 1800 Natural – Great comfort and even more support with 1800 nested springs, 4 layers, all natural fillings, wool, silk and cotton. Hand tufted and (3 rows) hand side stitched border. Choose Options
Mattress Nights 2000 Natural – Superb comfort and our most supportive mattress in terms of spring count with 2000 nested springs and 5 layers, all natural fillings, cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. Hand tufted and (3 rows) hand side stitched border. Choose Options
Mattress Nights Supreme Luxe – The Rolls Royce of mattresses because of the quality and depth of the fillings. This mattress is the Best in sheer luxury. 1400 nested springs, 5 sumptuous layers, all natural fillings, cashmere, silk, grey hair, cotton and pure wool. Hand tufted and (3 rows) hand side stitched border. The luxurious Belgium damask cover feels wonderfully soft. Choose Options
Mattress CoolFlex Coolflex Memory Foam – Cradles in the same way as regular memory foam, but without completely moulding around the sleeper. This prevents the hot sleep feel associated with regular memory foam mattresses. Choose Options


A Note to our SuperKing Sized Bed Lovers!


 Mattress two part

SuperKing two-part linked mattress

As an option on any of our Super king size mattresses (6 ft wide x 6 ft 6″ long), we recommend you consider a velcro linked mattress, which is made in two halves (each being 3 ft wide x 6 ft 6″ long) and joined top to bottom down the middle with a strong velcro closure measuring 3.5 inches wide on both the top and underside of the mattress meaning the two parts will stay together securely. This two part linked system makes turning the mattress much easier and is essential if you have limited or difficult access to your bedroom, due to the size and weight of these high quality mattresses.

Call us for any help when choosing – 0800 6444 744.