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 How To Get A Good Nights Sleep


               How To Get A Good Nights Sleep (part 3)                  

    Natural Sleep Remedies


Erratic sleep patterns, insomnia, sleep deprivation – 

 The fact of the matter is that disturbed sleep and insomnia are horrendous for those of us that suffer their effects. The results of sleep deprivation can be anything from brain fog and lack of normal functioning through to serious depression and health problems.

There are lots of things we can do to help ourselves to get a better nights sleep, many of which I talked about in the two previous blog posts on this subject covering lifestyle and environment.

Now we talk about our bodies and the natural remedies (which are often wonderfully simple) that can help us to rest, sleep deeply and restore ourselves.  

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep



What we eat before bedtime can have a considerable effect on our quality of sleep. As a general rule it is best to eat our evening meals several hours before going to bed. But, if you want a snack near bedtime here are some helpful foods to try, or they can be incorporated into an evening meal:

Nuts – especially almonds and walnuts as the contain melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate your sleep/wake cycle. Eating them can increase your blood levels of melatonin and help you sleep more soundly.

Warm milk – or better still, why not combine the relaxing and soothing effects of a warm drink and the melatonin in nuts and make some warm almond milk.

Tart cherry juice is packed with melatonin, there is also plenty in bananas, kiwis and oranges.

Chamomile tea, an old but good remedy for sleep, very comforting.

Ginger and peppermint are also very soothing as herbal teas and can also make a delicious addition to meals as a flavouring or garnish.

 How to Get A Good Nights Sleep


Essential Oils 

Essential oils are amazing to use for so many things and can be very helpful with sleep issues. It’s easy to make a pillow spray with a little distilled water and a few drops of essential oil, or the can be used in a diffuser or nebuliser to fill the whole bedroom with their therapeutic properties:

Lavender is an all round wonder remedy, it works especially well for relaxation and can eliminate nervous tension of all kinds.

Roman Chamomile is the best chamomile to use for calming purposes and is particularly good for relieving anxiety, stress, nervous disorders and headaches. It combines really well with lavender to help induce peaceful sleep.

Sweet Marjoram is a very comforting remedy and has a sedative effect. As a bonus it can also help with the symptoms of colds, hay fever and other allergies.

CBD Oil –

The benefits of this wonder cannabidiol oil have only recently begun to be widely acknowledged, it has almost miraculous therapeutic properties including the treatment of insomnia. If you would like you know more about how it can help with sleep there is some excellent information here.

Reflexology –

Who would have thought that the comfort and health of our feet could affect the quality of our sleep? Apparently it can and this is something I’m becoming very interested in. There are pressure points on our feet which correspond to all the systems of our body, so by massaging our feet mindfully before we sleep we are treating our whole body and getting ourselves into a completely relaxed state. There is some really good, more detailed information in this article.

Did you know that walking barefoot on the moist grass has been considered as the ultimate natural cure for insomnia. When the sole of foot comes in direct contact with the grass, the skin absorbs the energy from the ground. It releases stress and encourages calmness and relaxation. Just ten minutes of walking barefoot on natural earth or grass a day can have the most amazing positive effects. 

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep



Finding the right pillow is so important and everyone will have their personal preference; down, latex, but the buckwheat pillow, what a discovery! The benefits of resting our heads on this completely natural material seem almost endless; improved posture, a properly relaxed body, micro massage to remove tension from the head and neck to eliminate aches and pains in the back, spinal alignment, temperature regulation, pleasant smell. Could it be the solution to all those things that make us toss and turn all night?  I found some nice ones here along with more information. Some of them are sold with lavender already in them!

Another lovely idea is to stuff pouches full of sleep inducing dried flowers and herbs inside a pillowcase, the calming properties of lavender, hops, mugwort and chamomile work well and smell amazing. A combination of all of them will cover most sleep issues.

Yes, I’ll try pretty much anything for blissful relaxation and a good nights sleep.   

                                                                                                                                            Sleep well & sweet dreams.

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