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How To Get A Good Nights Sleep (part 2)

Our Sleep Environment

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep Blog

Many of us have learned how important our sleep environment is in ensuring a good nights sleep and we enjoy making sure our bedrooms are cosy, comfortable and comforting spaces, a place to retreat and recharge, to to rest and dream.

If we can make our bedrooms truly restful for ourselves, and sleep really well, then we can fully engage with our waking lives and get the most out of our days.

While it may be true that doing something like changing the paint colour in your bedroom isn’t going to cure insomnia, it will help psychologically and all the small things we can do will add up to create a sleep-inducing sanctuary.




Here are a few ideas to make your bedroom an oasis and get a really good nights sleep.


Colour is such a personal thing and we should all guided by our personal preferences but studies show that pale, pastel and chalky colours are the most soothing, light blue seems to be very helpful and strong purples are thought to be the least conducive to good sleep. Although some very dark neutral colours can work rely well in bedrooms.


Whilst settling down for bedtime, keep external stimulus to a minimum. Use soft, warm and gentle lighting.

When it’s time to sleep, having a completely dark room increases the natural production of melatonin, which is a great sleep inducer and also has many other health benefits. If you can’t make your room completely dark, consider using a sleep mask.


Soothing music or gentle sounds from nature can be very helpful for your brain to make the switch from a wide awake to a restful state. If you live in a noisy area it might be worth investing in a sound machine to drown out external noise.


Our sense of smell is extremely important in sending messages to our brain and this is also a very personal thing, think about the smells that really make you feel relaxed and sleepy and try to use absolutely natural versions of those. A diffuser or nebuliser is a great way to disperse natural essential oils in a room, and because there is no heat involved, none of the therapeutic properties of the essences are lost.

Lavender is a classic sleep inducer and there is soothing deeply comforting about bed clothes that have been sprayed with lavender water.


A really good, comfortable mattress is probably the most important factor in getting a good nights sleep. Soft or firm, springs or not, only you know what feels most comfortable to you. Buy the best quality you can afford, it’s an invaluable investment.

Fluffy pillows, a great duvet or blankets that you love. Bed clothes that make you feel cosseted. Natural cotton or linen bed clothes are the most healthy fabrics to sleep in with linen being the most long lasting and lovely material to snuggle up in.

Throws or cushions, even a four poster with veils or drapes, whatever sends you happily off into your dreams.

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep Blog


Each person is so individual and we all need to find out what works best for us. But if you have electronics in the bedroom, make sure they are all completely switched off at night as they can interfere with sleep patterns.

For purely psychological reasons, it’s best to move any work related things or exercise equipment out of the bedroom at night time. Thinking about those things is not going to help us sleep.

We all deserve a lovely place to sleep and I hope you have a wonderful time making your bedroom just perfect for yourself.


                                                                                                                              Sweet Dreams.



Image credit: “Kerry, Aware” oil on canvas, 18″x36″ by Heather Horton

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