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How long does it take from order?

We stock most beds finished in Gunmetal and black. Ivory or silver we finish to order usually within 2/3 weeks. If your specified bed type or size is out of stock, it may take longer. Give us a call and check on availability – 0800 644 4744. Mattress orders generally take around 3 weeks from order.

Slatted Bed Base or Solid Divan Base?
Both are good and no matter how many times you take them apart and put back together, their strength and sturdiness never deteriorate. All bases are finished in black to go with both gunmetal and black bed frames and only in Ivory with Ivory bed frames.

Our slatted bases have very closely spaced slats so provide excellent support combined with the strong steel frame work. They slightly soften the feel of your mattress as they are a laminated sprung slat. They are supported by a 2” square steel running the full length of the base’s centre, so effectively, you have two independent halves. (will take approx. 30 minutes to assemble)

Our 2” solid upholstered bases are great and just drop nice and snuggly into the strong steel base frame. They provide a top quality solid base support to your bed and are great for any mattress type. Simple to assemble (approx.. 10 minutes) you will find them much easier to move them to another room or house at any future time.

Are your beds standard UK sizes?

Yes, so if you want to keep your existing mattress and bed linen, they should fit.

  • Single 3’ wide x 6’3” long = 91 cm x 190 cm
  • Double 4’6” wide x 6’3” long = 137 cm x 190 cm
  • King 5’ wide x 6’6” long = 152 cm x 198 cm
  • Super king 6’ wide x 6’6” long = 183 cm x 198 cm

Can you make a bespoke design or alteration?

Yes we can. Email or ring us to discuss what you’re thinking about.

How tall are 4-poster beds?

They measure 207 cm from floor to top of the ball on the post.

Are your beds good value?

Yes, unbelievably so. Over-engineered and beautifully finished, they are a world apart from the quality of beds found in the high street and other outlet shops. But, they don’t come with £1,500 – £3,000 price tags normally expected for this quality and build.

Bed boxed and ready for delivery in four manageable packages:

Iron Beds Packaged

How does delivery work?

Delivery is normally by courier; sometimes ourselves, but we will inform which. On the day, you can track your delivery.

Delivery of bed-frames only – 1 man service to your door

Delivery of bed-frames with mattress – 2 man service to room of choice (access providing)

Old bed Take-away ?

Yes – if and when we ourselves are delivering (geographic restrictions apply) and prebooked at time of order – call us.

Can you deliver abroad?

Yes – Call or email your requirement and we can sort the process.

Can you deliver on Saturday?

Yes, bed frames only. Beds with mattresses depending on geographical distance. Call us at time of order to arrange.

Delivery costs?

Bed Only – Next day (Mon – Fri) £39.00

Mattress only – (Mon – Fri) £39.00

Bed and Mattress – (Mon – Fri) £55.00

Bed and Mattress Combi offer – (Mon – Fri) FREE

Bed Only – Next day AM – (Mon – Fri) + £10.00

Saturday AM – Additional £30.00

Assembly incl. packaging removal £55.00

Old Bed Disposal (when assembling new bed only) £35.00


Please see also Delivery Information

Shouldn’t I try a mattress in a shop before buying?

No, for the last twenty years we have tried and tested everything so you don’t have to waste time trapesing around shops only to end up baffled by sales science and be none the wiser. We are sure (because we all have one) that we have the perfect one for you too. Call us and have a chat if unsure which to choose. Or read this:

Why buy our mattresses?

The mattress market can be extremely confusing. So many choices in relation to types, spring options, comfort and comparative values; trying a mattress out briefly in a show room gives little indication of how it will actually feel at night.

Our aim has been to remove the ‘guesswork’ and risk from mattress selection and to compliment the highest quality of our hand-forged beds with only the very best mattresses available; over the past 25 years we have ‘fine-tuned’ the process of mattress selection to the point where we are completely confident that our range represents the very best in comfort, support, durability, quality and value. As a small company we depend upon goodwill and we are delighted that our discerning customers continue to show their appreciation though ongoing purchases, recommendations and referrals.

At the present time we are offering an opportunity to obtain a quality 1400 sprung mattress at a significantly reduced price if it is bought in combination with a bed (see our offers page). This mattress has proved to be extremely popular over many years and the relative merits of a pocket sprung mattress are explained below.

The advantages associated with pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses:

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are independently sprung with small springs separated within cylindrical material pockets and because they are not wired together in any way there is no ripple movement effect across the bed when one partner moves; comfort and quality varies according to the number of springs and the type of fillings that are used – they are cooler than memory foam and are our most popular type of mattress.

A greater number of springs may give more sensitive support, but this can depend on personal preference and needs to be put in the balance with the quality and thickness of the fillings used. It is the quality of natural fillings (just beneath the covers and above the springs) that make our pocket sprung mattresses much more sumptuous than others. This is because the natural layers in our mattresses feel especially smooth, fluffy and soft and facilitate optimum air circulation; these fillings offer a very healthy alternative to the layers of uncomfortable synthetic materials currently found in a great many mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These have become popular in recent years and are very comfortable and well supported – although some people do find them a little too warm and constricting. Natural body heat warms and softens the foam which moulds to the body shape – supporting and spreading the body’s weight evenly over the mattress. By reducing pressure across the body the blood flow in the small capillaries is not shut off and this facilitates improved circulation and better flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and muscles.

Memory foam mattresses don’t need turning like a normal mattress and have zip-off covers which can be dry cleaned; they are hyper-allergenic and arrive vacuum packed in a box which means that they are relatively light and easier to move.

If you prefer a memory foam mattress but are concerned about getting too hot, we offer a cooler version called ‘Cool-flex’ which has an almost zero visco-elastic threshold which means that it does not completely mould around the sleeper and so avoids the heat build up which some people experience when using an ordinary memory foam mattress.