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Metal Bedside Tables

Metal Bedside Tables from Nights In Iron

As standard, our Metal Bedside Tables are made with hardwood planked wooden tops, sanded and left with a smooth natural finish. As an alternative we also make them with real copper tops folded over a timber base for strength, which match beautifully with our copper bedknobs. We love the warm element of copper and find it adds a soft and glowing feel to any bedroom.

The bedside table tops are interchangable and simply drop into the table frames.

Table height is 61 cms and the table tops measure 38 cms square. Next to our beds, they finish level with the mattress top.

Bring some beauty into your room!

Everyone likes to have their bedroom just so – a Zen like place of rest where we forget the cares of our daily lives. The 13 designs of beds we make and our Metal Bedside Tables are of such quality that people always feel the need to touch them and when they do, find a tactile surface in reward. This is one of the many reasons why, when customers visit our showroom, that 99% of them make an order before going home – For those customers who just can’t wait, we often help them to squeeze the bed and furniture in the back of their car or secure it to the roof for them – which is the most fun!

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