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Many people will think that a Metal Bed is just a bed and think nothing of spending £400 on one from a high street shop. These will rattle and jiggle, and often not last more than ten years.

Nights in Iron’s handmade metal beds will last far longer – possibly longer than you do!

Why spend £800 on a Metal Bed?

With the average UK resident moving eight times during their lifetime, they can get through a lot of cheap beds. Most bought from High Street retailers are designed to be taken apart and rebuilt only a couple of times – part of our ‘throwaway society’.

Nights in Iron’s handmade beds are made in the traditional way – over engineered to achieve comfort and durability for many years. If you move house the bed will come with you and can be dismantled and rebuilt an almost endless number of times. You get what you pay for in this world, and if a £400 High Street bed falls apart after only two moves you may end up paying more for lower quality in the long term!

 Superior Build Quality

Metal Bed - Hand Made Quality from Nights In Iron
The most expensive beds owned by the rich and famous are often one-offs and can cost many thousands of pounds. Our artisan beds being hand forged, have the same build quality, and can be viewed in our showroom in Wincanton – a ten minute drive from Bruton in rural Somerset. They have a very similar appearance to the bespoke Metal Bed styles built for those multimillionaire customers.

One of the immediate differences from the High Street you will notice is the weight of the bed. They are reassuringly heavy and are not easily pushed about, adding solidity and comfort to your bedroom. Our beds are customisable, with a wide variety of modifications that can be made to ensure that your unique requirements can be met. Additionally, we can make bespoke modifications to your metal bed design – just get in touch to discuss what you want.

Bring some beauty into your room!

Everyone likes to have their bedroom just so – a Zen like place of rest where we forget the cares of our daily lives. The 13 designs of beds we make are of such quality that people always feel the need to touch them and when they do, find a tactile surface in reward. This is one of the many reasons why, when customers visit our showroom, that 99% of them make an order before going home – For those customers who just can’t wait, we often help them to squeeze the bed in the back of their car or secure it to the roof for them – which is the most fun!

Metal Bed - Hand Made Quality from Nights In Iron

Repeat custom?

Over the last 20 years we have found that our customers come back to us time and again to add to their Metal Bed collection from the beds we make. Much of our business comes through word of mouth and there is a network of people from all over the world who have come to us having seen the beds we have made for their friends and family.

We would love for you to join the exclusive network of people who have discovered our metal beds and been bewitched by our superior quality bedroom furniture. Get in touch by phone on 0800 6444 744 and we will be delighted to discuss your needs.

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